Did I tell you Ming is a strong believer of innovation and revolution? Over the years, she has evolved from a mere singer to a full-fledged entertainer, incorporating belly dance and now POLE DANCE!

Now you don’t have to visit a club or bar to watch a pole dancer. Ming will mesmerize you with her pole skills at you event. Her clever culmination of skills makes her currently the ONLY singing pole dancer in the world! If you think pole dancing is just about grabbing the pole and gyrating seductively around it, think again! See the photos, watch the videos and fathom how Ming has bruised and injured every joint in her pursuit to achieve and perfect each demanding pole stunt.

The pole dance show is not just all sexy and seductive. It can even be done for motivation team-building style (wholesome, eg. reach for higher heights). And it is definitely a talking piece and crowd puller for product and trade launches and grand openings. Email her to check how this show can fit your theme and requirements.

Pictures and Videos of Pole Dance Shows

Video 1    Video 2    Video 3    Video 4
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